Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Healthy Food Movement for Kids!

Kid inspired Eat a Rainbow Collection is set to kick off at Whole Foods Market this Friday with a paint party and cooking demo by celeb kid chefs.

My Social Canvas is a bright new contender in the world of stylish lifestyle brands that give back. All products are designed by students for a cause. Their student designers range from age 7 to college students ready to start a career in fashionThis fall, they are supporting the healthy eating movement by teaming up with Whole Foods Market to launch their Eat A Rainbow Collection of fun and educational lunch bags and grocery totes. Starting Friday and running through the end of September, they'll be hosting an "Eat a Rainbow" paint party tour at over 15 Whole Foods Market stores in NYC and other areas of the Northeast. These events are set to inspire kids to eat healthy salads everyday and will feature paint activities and informational cooking demos by celebrity kid chefs Haile Thomas and Hunter Zampa (both season one contestants on the Food Network's  Rachael Ray v. Guy Fieri Kids Cook-Off.)

The Eat a Rainbow Collection was inspired by seven-year-old Jimmy T. who exclaimed: "Rainbows make people happy! Eating salads that are bright and colorful make us healthy. Eat a rainbow everyday!" He couldn't have been more right as it's been proven that vibrantly hued fruits and vegetables are high in important vitamins and minerals. At the upcoming launch parties, kids will have a chance to paint their own ideas of what their rainbow might include and will learn tips and a recipe for their very own rainbow salads.

With the purchase of every bag from this series, folks are supporting the Let's Move Salad Bars to School grant program that was developed by the Whole Kids Foundation, Chef Ann Foundation, National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance, and the United Fresh Produce Association Foundation in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Initiative. This program is dedicated to bringing healthier choices of fresh produce into schools across the nation. These stylish bags will be selling at all 30 Whole Foods Market stores in the Northeast region.

D'Vida Pre-Made Smoothies, the 100% natural & low calorie meal replacement/snack!

Everyone is looking for a simple fast and healthy meal replacement or snack.   Now-a-days most products that are easy are loaded with preservatives and ingredients that most people can't read.  

Whether you're looking for a post workout drink, trying to slim down, or you're simply just looking for a healthy breakfast/lunch/snack, the d'Vida pre-made smoothies are LOW-GI, HIGH PROTEIN and non-GMO, the perfect addition to your pantry!

D'Vida offers pre-made smoothie sachets that are not only quick and easy to make, but are also healthy and nutritious! The d'Vida sachets begin with a proprietary, LOW-GI smoothie base, with all-natural ingredients and only the freshest fruits and vegetables. All products are non-GMO, gluten free and act as an excellent source of fiber and protein. 

D'Vida makes great party drinks as well.  If you love Pina Coladas, your guest will rave over the VideBOOST (Pineapple and Coconut) with fresh strawberries and bananas.   These Pina Coladas would make a great drink for bookclub, baby shower or throw them in a mug and drink them while watching your favorite football team play.  

These smoothies are so easy to make.  Open a sachet and add ice and water and blend.  For a different flavor or for more of a variety add your favorite fruit.  

I recently tried D'Vida Pre-made smoothies.  I was actually impressed with the flavor, it actually tasted like the real stuff.  I decided when I tried the smoothies to opt out of adding any ingredients to my drink so I could get the pouches original flavors.   I was very impressed.  I didn't feel like I needed to add anything.  You may enjoy adding more ingredients to get more fruit and vegetable servings but it isn't necessary.  My absolute favorite smoothie was the VidaBOOST which consists of pineapple and coconut.  There were actual coconut flakes in it.  It was amazing.  When I had finished drinking it I wished I could open another because the flavor was so good.   It did in fact leave me feeling fuller and better.  I drank it after exercising and found it helped give me another boost and left me feeling satisfied.

I was also impressed with D'Vida's different options.  You can purchase D'Vida VidaBOOST (pineapple and coconut),  VidaGREEN (cucumber, kale, green apple and spinach), VidaPUMP (Peanut butter and strawberry) and VidaSLIM (strawberry and banana).  Drink a smoothie based on your needs for the day and what you are trying to accomplish for your health.

D'Vida has also made purchasing simple and easy.   It is available to order on Amazon.   Grab yours today and start on a path to a better you.  

Review By A.H -Mom of 4

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Beginning weight lifting for seniors

I've lost almost 50 pounds, but now need to build and tone my muscles.  I went to an online bodybuilding website and it was too complex for me to follow.  So I talked to my fitness guru, Rodger, who made several suggestions.

Begin with the following exercises, trying to do 10-15 repetitions.  You'll want to exert yourself but not overdo it. Gradually add weight as your strength builds. Without exerting yourself, you won't have any growth in strength.

Shoulder exercise with dumbells

Biceps exercises

Shoulder and tricep exercise

Shoulder and middle back workout

Chest press workout

Lat pulldown exercise

Core body plank

Be sure to consult your medicaladvisor before beginninng an exercise program.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to use Puzzilla to find your lost cousins

The Puzzilla Descendants Viewer ( lets researchers see descendants in the FamilyTree database using compact symbols that reveal patterns in collateral-line research.

Ancestry chart for John Fisher in Puzzilla

  • Open and log on with your FamilySearch signin. This will access your FamilyTree. (If you have never signed in to, you will need to register and connect to your ancestors in the database.)
  • Move the pointer across the symbols to browse the names and details that appear in the popup box.
  • Click on a symbol to freeze the popup box on the selected person and allow clicking inside the box.
  • Click on the View Descendants button to view descendants of the selected person. Click on other buttons to see other views of the selected person.
  • New in release 4 Beta: On the control panel, click on Hints, Attached Sources, My Changes, and Possible Duplicates and the other properties to mark records that have those properties. Be patient; retrieving this information from FamilyTree takes time. To see some results sooner, select a person on a branch of the tree and then click the property button. The properties will be retrieved sooner for only that person and their subtree.
    You can also make the marked records easier to see by hiding the marks for Died Before 16 and Born within 110. This is done by clicking the corresponding button in the control panel.
  • The path at the bottom lists the chain of relationships between the selected person and the person at the root of the tree. Copy the relationship path to paste into your research notes so you can remember the relationship to the selected person. You will want to record the path from both the ancestor and descendant charts.
  • Clicking on the 'X' close button in the upper right corner un-freezes the box and returns to browsing mode.


Puzzilla descendancy chart for David Kirkpatrick, b. 1827. John Fisher is the first blue square on the far right. 

You will have to register and signin to before you can use Puzzilla.